Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

8 months ago


YouTube Channels you might like to watch during this lockdown

These are hard times for many of us, a lot of people have never been indoors for such a long time. To make the clock tick you might resort to cooking, learning new recipes, watch videos online play video games, read a book, watch TV or do a lot of stuff.

A lot of people use YouTube to view different videos and some it's new to them. Well if you might be looking for recommendations to some cool YouTubers who post interesting good to watch videos you might like some which i recommend.

There are fun to watch YouTube channels and without wasting anytime here goes the list of YouTube channels you might like to watch during this lockdown.


Obviously this is my number go to. Everytime Marques Brownlee posts a video on YouTube i get excited and quickly open YouTube and watch. MKBHD is an American YouTuber who is so great at Tech Reviews.

He does very interesting Tech reviews which are fun and insightful. MKBHD also does what's called Dope Tech Episodes which are cool. Once you start watching his videos its hard to stop. You can watch his YouTube videos right here

And oh, just for the flex MKBHD currently has 11.9M subscribers like wow i know right!!!

Chasing Cars

I love watching Chasing Cars. They have this thing which is very unique when it comes to cars. Car reviews are very well done and so detailed. My favourite is Tom Baker he absolutely does the job done.

Also, everytime i receive a notification that Chasing Cars has dropped a video i get excited and rush to view the video. You can check out their YouTube videos right about now and oh make sure to subscribe to Chasing Cars YouTube channel to be part of their road to 100K subscribers.

Doug DeMuro

Still on cars, Doug is on top of the game when it comes to cool cars reviews. From fancy expensive cars, to luxurious cars, all the way to vintage cool cars Doug is the plug.

I'm sure when you start watching his videos the first thing you grasp in your head which you will always remember is his intro which goes like "This is" followed by the name of the car. The way he says it will make you watch the whole video. He is just amazing and you can also watch his amazing work here

Simply Mamá Cooks

When it comes to food the first YouTube channel which comes to my mind is Simply Mamá Cooks. I mean i have learned a lot of great recipes from her.

Also on the flex mode with 5 Million views on one of my favorites video of How to make Soft Flour Tortillas | Como Hacer Tortillas de Harina which you could start watching now and learn a few tricks right there. Without wasting anytime some people might not even finish reading this article and head straight to the channel


When it comes to big tunes from your favorite Zimbabwean artists there is one channel to visit on YouTube which is Nash Tv

Since today is a Friday you might want to get straight to their YouTube channel and enjoy good music,dance and have a good time in the comfort of your house keeping it safe.

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Take note these are some of my favorites. The list is endless you can add your's by commenting. That's been it stay safe and enjoy.