Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

7 months ago


You like a song playing but you don't know the name of the song?

At times you might hear a song playing and you start vibing to it. You might like a song when you're in a combi or on a bus but you can't ask what's the title or who's song is it.

It's okay not to worry there's a tech solution to that. Google assistance will help you figure it out easily. So sometimes there might be a cool track playing loudly in a car passing by or when I'm in a combi commuting. I can't ask at times for the name of the song.

All I do is unlock my phone, smile, and click the "microphone" icon on the Google search bar. After that, I press the "What's this song?" icon. It will start listening to the song and gives you the name of the song in seconds. Pretty smart right? It even gives you a link to the YouTube video.

Sometimes the feature is not accurate it might miss the song and you have to do it all over again that's if you know for sure about the song. If you don't you might think its correct.

I mean, sometimes I test it out on songs I know to see the level of accuracy. Most of the time it works say a level of 1-10 its 9. So that's a pretty cool feature you could also try out.