Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

5 months ago


You can't add Netflix Originals to your watchlist on Chromecast with Google TV

There are great features for content management for the new Chromecast with Google TV. Specifically, its watchlist feature that works across services.

Unfortunately, the watchlist on Chromecast with Google TV does not support Netflix Originals. Google TV watchlist feature allows users to create a list of shows and movies they like which can be kept in one location.

The watchlist on Google TV no longer offers the ability to add Netflix Originals to the list or remove ones that are already there. When you attempt these actions from the Chromecast, the error message " Sorry, this action is not supported for Netflix Originals on Google TV"

This feature still works with the Google Watchlist found in Search though. It will still work fine if you try to add or remove a Netflix Original from the web.