Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

6 months ago


You can send images on WhatsApp and still maintain the image quality

Most of the time you can send images on WhatsApp to a friend, loved ones, or a client but then you get frustrated when the quality of the images in your gallery is not the same as the quality you see when you send the images on WhatsApp.

You can avoid all this by actually following these simple steps. First of all, you open the chat of the contact or group you want to send the photos to. Tap on the attach icon and select "Document".

A list of documents saved in your phone's memory will appear. To make it easy save the images you want to send with names you can simply identify. Or you can just pick from the recent files where you can access such by clicking on"Browse other docs..."

Images will have a .jpg or .png, so when you have found the image or images you like now select and press send. You can send multiple images by long pressing on the first image then just quick press on the others as you select.

You will notice when you send it will show in the chat as a file, not as an image. Well, I hope this has been helpful, I will catch you guy's on the next one. Stay safe.