Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

5 months ago


Why you should play this game when you get your PlayStation 5

I am absolutely talking about Astro's Playroom. This game seems like it is a simple and basic game but trust me its more than you think. You might have seen the game on YouTube tech videos or seen it on a PS5.

Why am I recommending this game though? Astro's Playroom is a Demo game right, so it has all the features which bring the best out of the PlayStation 5 and one of them is the haptics on the controller.

Guys, I'm telling you its the absolute best demo of the new controller that you have ever seen. The dual sense controller for the PS5 has extremely cool haptics like super crazy. The controller is bigger, heavier in the hands and has quality buttons.

It's also USB-C and the battery life is good, and the haptics and adaptive triggers are so good. So when you play Astro's Playroom when exploring and wandering around, the haptics makes you feel the ice, the sand when you walk on top of it.

It's like you can feel it on the controller you can feel it happen in your hands whilst you hold the controller. The adaptive triggers kick in and it gets where it difficult to squeeze when you need to compress a spring.

You feel the resistance as you squeeze them it feels so good it's a great game to feel how the controller is so new gen.