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about 1 month ago


Why You Should Now Buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

There have been rumours that Samsung won't be producing the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra this year. This is because of the chip shortages in the world so it is said the next Galaxy Note will be out next year. This year there won't be any Galaxy Note that's what is being said. If we are to get one the chances are slim.

So because of that Note fans will be disappointed and some who have waited for the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra won't get one. Instead, you can now get the Note 20 Ultra since it is now cheaper than when it was launched.

If you are a fan of the Note than the S series this is the perfect time to get the Note 20 Ultra. You can get a refurbished one for as low as $899.99 on Amazon

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra features S Pen & Samsung Notes: Pen precision meets PC power with S Pen & Samsung Notes; So responsive, it feels like you're using a real pen; Jot notes, sketch ideas, then convert into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, save and sync across all your Galaxy devices.

If you want the new Galaxy S21 Ultra it's still ok maybe you are after 100x Zoom which gets you amazing clarity with a dual-lens combo of 3x and 10x optical zoom or goes even further with our revolutionary 100x Space Zoom. The S21 Ultra costs $999.99 on Amazon

So it is up to you to get the S21 Ultra or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but I would recommend the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra you can get it at cheaper prices with more premium quality.

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