Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

about 2 months ago


WhatsApp is Testing Self-Destructing Images for iOS

WhatsApp is testing a self-destructing ability for images within chats. This will allow the receiver to only view an image or images just once without the ability to save them to their device.

WABetaInfo, who frequently leaks and reports on WhatsApp plans shared screenshots that show an interface in which the sender can choose an image to self-destruct.

The image receiver will have a one-time chance to view the image and not be able to save or export the image to their device if the image is chosen to self destruct.

Now my question is what if the receiver opens the image and takes a screenshot instead? What will be the use of the self-destruct feature anyways? WaBetaInfo has fortunately answered that question. So you know those apps which will disallow you to take screenshots, like the banking apps. Yeah more like that it's even more interesting.

Now according to WABetaInfo WhatsApp has not yet implemented screenshot detection, this would eventually alert the sender if a screenshot of the self-destructing photo was taken.

Source: WABetaInfo