Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

5 months ago


Twitter verifications will relaunch on January 20

Twitter has been gathering feedback from the public to make sure the new approach of verification doesn't present any issues. More than 22,000 survey responses were garnered and have now been completed.

Verification officially restarts on January 20, 2020. So based on the feedback, you will no longer need a bio or header image in order for your profile to be complete for verification.

Minimum follower requirements will now be per-region rather than per-country. When it comes to existing verified accounts, badges will be removed if an account has been inactive for too long or if it's incomplete.

It needs to have a verified email address or phone number attached to it. Also, it has to have a profile image and display name. Verified badges won't be removed from deceased users profiles.

Memorialized accounts are in the works for next year. So to apply for verification you will need to go to your account settings, and do the self-serve application by hitting "Request Verification."

You will be asked to answer questions and provide supporting materials to confirm your identity. Twitter says a combination of automated and human verification reviews will take place.