Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

11 months ago


The Private/One-FI Bundles

I have been getting a lot of questions about how the Econet Private WIFI Data Bouquets work. Also, I have been getting those same questions pertaining to the Netone One-FI package works. I am going to explain in the shortest and simplest way possible.
Econet has the Private WIFI Data Bouquets whereby they offer data ranging from $500 up to $2000. You can read about the packages here. Netone also has the One-FI package and both for Econet and Netone are valid for one month. So you might be thinking how do they actually work?

How the bundles work

They work just like the usual data bundles you purchase. To stream, surf, do a Zoom video call, WhatsApp, and more. They are just data bundles in large gigabytes. Econet Private WIFI Data Bouquets start at 8GB and Netone’s One-FI bundles start at 25GB. So some asked, “Munya since those are called WIFI/ONE-FI bundles do I need a router?” Good question indeed

Do I need a Router

A router is not necessary at all. Both the Econet Private WIFI Data Bouquets and Netone One-FI bundles work perfectly without a router. You do not need to buy one if there is no need to. You can buy the package you wish and use your data with the sim card on your phone. No need to even switch on the Hotspot it works perfectly just as you use your data bundles which you are used to. The “WIFI” on the name does not mean you need a router. Unless…..


You might need a router unless you want to connect many devices perhaps you want to use your laptop and connect your family member’s devices. Then yes you can buy the router. If you would get one here

How do I purchase The Bundles

For Netone dial *171# and select option 5 then option 1. For Econet dial *143# and select option 4 to buy the Private WIFI Data monthly bundles. If you would like to know more about the pricing and which package is great for you click here and read more about the packages. It’s been a great one stay safe and I’ll catch you guys on the next article. Be sure to share and follow my Twitter page here for exclusive new tech content notifications for you to be the first to know.