Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

3 months ago


So Are People Actually DELETING WhatsApp??

You might be wondering are people now deleting WhatsApp because of their privacy terms. I mean the press and the user base is going wild right now they're talking like some are switching to Signal and some to Telegram.

People are not liking this and Signal is getting more numbers, its an alternative to WhatsApp. So are those people actually deleting their accounts? I mean come on these terms of sharing data with Facebook have created an opportunity for some apps to rack in new users, racking up new numbers.

So if you are curious and you want to see the numbers, like it's just a poll but it makes sense there was a poll by Android Police which you can view here which has up to ten thousand voters the last time I checked.

For Android enthusiasts, 30%, which is 3,017 Votes voted No, I still use WhatsApp. What about those who voted on I plan to switch but haven't yet, or it's in progress. If you look at the numbers it's not looking good.

I don't know but this issue must be fixed quickly or numbers will end up going banana's here. Do you plan to switch or stay with WhatsApp? Let me know.