Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

10 months ago


Samsung Galaxy Fold successor will reportedly be named "Galaxy Z Fold 2"

To date, Samsung has released two foldable phones. They have a book-style phone the Galaxy Fold and a flip phone like-the Galaxy Z Flip. It was now clear that another Fold was in development through leaks.

So according to SamMobile the sequel to the original Galaxy Fold will be named the 'Galaxy Z Fold 2'. Samsung confirmed earlier this year that all its future foldable phones would use the Galaxy Z branding introduced by the Z Flip.

The original Fold is already displayed alongside the Z Flip in a dedicated Galaxy Z section on Samsung's website. The spelling between the Z Fold and Z Flip is a good thing not to confuse people it will consolidate all foldable phones under a single banner.