Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

8 months ago


Private WIFI Data Bouquets: Econet Is Surprisingly Cheaper!

As you may know, these days data is very important for our day to day lives. A lot of people all over the world are using the internet for Zoom Meetings, social media platforms such as Twitter video streaming like YouTube and a whole lot more. The internet is useful more than ever.

For you to use the internet you need a good service provider. Apart from a good service provider, you need a fast affordable internet. Good internet is a necessity and most of all affordable data. Well, that's what Econet has done this time around. Econet has the best prices of data currently in Zimbabwe. I know it's unbelievable right?

Starting at a price of ZW$600 you get 8GB. Well, I'm not really interested in that what actually amazes me is the price of the 25GB and 50GB WIFI Data Bouquets. For ZW$1500 you get yourself 25GB and for ZW$2200 you get 50GB. I mean wow Econet you did so well this time. My friends have been asking me that is this really true and my replies most of the time are surprising yes.

The same cannot be said for Netone. I have been a Netone fan since last year. Their prices were so fantastic. Especially for the One-Fi package, it has been dominating for some time. Not until recently when their One-Fi package prices went dramatically up.

I love Netone's internet speeds and how their service is it's absolutely great, but I mean their One-Fi prices are way over not so cool at all. 25GB is priced at ZW$2500 the same ZW$2500 you can buy 50GB Econet WIFI data and get to keep ZW$200.

That's not all Netone offers the One-Fi Ultra which has 50GB at a ridiculous price of ZW$4500 come on Netone that is way too overpriced. I won't talk about the third option that one is too much.

In conclusion, I have to say well done Econet you listened and you delivered the prices are awesome and I love them. And Netone if anyone from Netone is reading this, please the prices are too high to afford. Lower your prices people love using Netone I myself love using Netone but with these prices that's not going to be great to stick with you.

Well, guy, 's that's been it more tech News and Reviews will be dropped here make sure not to miss more amazing Tech content. Stay Safe.