Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

4 months ago


Let's have a moment to Appreciate Google Drive

So I really like Google Drive I think it's the best with no doubt. How you upload staff to the cloud service and the smooth editing of documents you can do is great.

I mean sometimes yes it can be frustrating when I open Google Drive and it says I'm offline when I am clearly online but it seems to find its way back online quickly.

So I found out something really interesting, I don't know if it's me being slow to notice but it has been a year of recognizing that amazing feature if I may say.

I am talking about how you can upload a JPEG photo and when you download it from Google Drive it will be a PNG photo. For me, that is really useful. I really like that a lot because it makes my life easy when I need that format the most.

I used to think maybe its a bug or something but then I realized its such a useful feature or a way Google Drive does it. I appreciate that really. Well that's been it I just had to post that because I've been a little hesitant to talk about that but someone might find it useful.

Whoa, wait a minute let's take a minute to appreciate that "Quick Access" panel, oh it's really handy a big shout out to the Google Drive Team it's these small things which matter.

Stay safe, and catch you guys on the next one.