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about 2 months ago


Leaked- iPhone 13

There have been iPhone 13 rumours in the past couple of days. So I'm going to write about what to expect and what we may know so far about the next-gen iPhone.

Rumours have it that we are expecting the same as the iPhone 12 lineup. From the mini to the Pro Max bigger iPhone. So it means we are expecting to get four iPhones from the entire lineup. As for the sizes, we expect the same as the iPhone 12 lineup.

From the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 mini to the 6.1 inch found on both the 12 and 12 Pro as well as the 6.7 12 Pro Max. The same is expected to be seen on the iPhone 13 lineup.

Changes are coming to the screen which is the size of the notch. It is rumoured the notch on the iPhone 13 lineup is going to shrink. However, the width will still be the same because all the very important sensors are on the top. These include Face ID and the front-facing camera. It is also reported that the front speaker will be moved a bit more upward.

Then up to the Pro models of the iPhone 13, we expect to see Pro Motion. Currently, the iPad Pro has ProMotion, which means a high refresh rate set at 120Hz. This is a big factor to iPhones considering the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 120Hz refresh rate. And also, it will differentiate the small iPhones from the Pro's which means an even higher price tag there.

There is also a rumour that Apple is working on an acoustic touch ID which is a fingerprint sensor under the display. This will generate waves and pulses. Considering other flagship phones already have this like the Xiaomi Mi 11 and the Galaxy S21 lineup. Expect this feature to be on all iPhone 13 phones.

Moving to the back of the phone the design is said to be the same with straight edges but expect to see the same colours and cameras. Also, expect to see similar sensors or an improved ultra-wide for the 13's. For the Pro models, there are rumours of a quad set up and a Lidar sensor is said to be now available on all four iPhones.

Expect to see an improved MagSafe as well. Apple is expected to improve the strength of the magnets to hold the wallet especially since it usually falls a lot.

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