Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

6 months ago


Instagram overhauls its bottom bar, Reels put down there

Not just too long ago Instagram introduced a copy of TikTok known as Reels. You might be familiar to Reels on Instagram by now. Instagram formally announced that it will now get a fixed place in the bottom bar along with a new Shop section.

The Shop tab replaces the heart-shaped activity icon and the Reels section gets the spot of the new post button. To see the older two shortcuts, they have been moved to the right corner of the app bar.

That is next to the Messenger/DM button. Do you want to go Live on Instagram? Well, just swipe left when you're on the home page or just tap on the "plus" sign next to the DM/Messenger bar and keep swiping right.

The Instagram logo has grown in terms of size, the icons have become slightly bolder all over the app. These are all minor changes also introduced to the iconography and the app design.