Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

about 1 month ago


I Called 111 and This is What Happened

A few days ago I contacted Econet support on Twitter and they did not reply to my DM's like wow okay cool no problem. I sent them more messages and tagged them and still, there was nothing from Econet the preferred network provider.

Then the following day I called 111 and waited for the customer service representative to answer. I waited patiently and waited and waited. I mean I really waited and after 18 minutes I finally got answered. I remember I was falling asleep whilst waiting to get the representative to pick up.

Usually, It would take like 30 minutes before they pick up from my past experience but this time it was really quick 18 minutes is not bad actually but still, that's a lot Econet you can do better come on!!! Maybe its because I called just before 8 am?

Anyways, when I got answered I presented my case to the customer care representative who was very polite. I told her that I bought the e-Learning bundle and I could not enquire about the remaining balance. Nothing comes up but just depleted 0.0GB remaining balances from depleted Wi-Fi bundles. I'm just cruising chowing my data and I don't know what's going on with it I don't even know how much data I am left with.

Then I was told to hold on after she took my number, I waited for about 10 minutes. Then after that, I was told an SMS that has a ref number was to be received. I did receive it then another that contained resolved message came through. I was told to reboot my phone for 5 minutes after I receive it then switch it back on. I also did that. I was told my issue would be solved after that.

Guess what? My issue has not yet been solved 5 days later.