Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

28 days ago


How About We Get Unlimited WiFi Bundles (NetOne & Econet)

WiFi is essential these days for a lot of people. Be it learning online, video calling friends and family or perhaps watching movies or playing games online. WiFi is very important, and I appreciate WiFi a lot. Having fast reliable and affordable WiFi is great and when you pay for WiFi bills it's good to know you will be getting quality services and your money will be valued.

Well, there is a factor that is quite a downside. It seems a lot of people in Zimbabwe are now using Netone's One-Fi and Econet's Private WiFi bundles (that's to my own understanding) (. Be it you use it by inserting a sim card in your phone or a modem/router. As of now, Netone offers 80GB max for ZW6500 valid for a month which they call One-Fi Extreme. And Econet has a max of 50GB for ZW4800 valid for a month.

Now here's the thing, instead of just offering packages of up to 50GB/80GB why not just offer an unlimited package as well? Some people would actually prefer unlimited WiFi rather than to top up 25GB many times per month which will require more money for instance.

With unlimited WiFi, you won't have to worry about topping up over and over again. It's just okay to have options available to choose from. Econet and Netone now have a lot of customers and people actually buy these bundles and having an option for unlimited would be great.

Also, I think in my own opinion if you introduce uncapped unlimited WiFi it would be awesome and to attract a lot of customers (Netone & Econet) the price of the unlimited WiFi should be ZW7000 highest. Or to make it interesting how about ZW6000 and you drop the other prices.

But either way, unlimited WiFi bundles could have a great impact and could improve the customer fanbase or users if I may say for Netone and Econet. That's been it that's just my own opinion as a tech blogger and a subscriber of those such WiFi bundles. Be safe and catch you guys on the next one.