Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

8 months ago


Econet strikes again but strategically

A few days back Econet raised their data tariffs. It was not a surprise for me because it was bound to happen anyway. I mainly focus on the Private WI-FI Data Bouquets every time they raise their data prices.

As I was looking at the data bouquets prices I noticed that the prices are high yes, but slightly below those of Netone. I began to wonder how this could be possible again, I mean we know Econet to be the one's which have prices higher than Netone.

So I also focus on the 25GB and 50GB when it also comes to the Econet Private WI-FI Data Bouquets and the One-Fi Plus packages and I usually compare the two because it's more data which is at least affordable.

Currently, One-Fi Plus which has 25GB costs ZWL2500 and Econet put their 25GB at a slightly lower price of ZWL2400 that's a difference of ZWL100. Well, interesting isn't it.

And then as for the 50GB for One-Fi Ultra which costs, ZWL4500 and the same 50GB for Econet costs ZWL3520 which has a difference of ZWL980. The same ZWL980 will get you 8GB and you save ZWL20 okay wow I see what you did there Econet.

So sooner or later Netone is going to raise their data tariffs and they will be so highly-priced compared to Econet. A lot of people have complained about Econet's new prices but they somehow feel it's better than Netone's current One-Fi prices. What more when Netone announces new high prices?

A lot of customers will look at Econet's current prices and consider them to be very cheap given that Econet has a ZWL960 8GB. So what if Netone surprises people just the way Econet did by having lower prices compared to Econet.

I mean if anyone from Netone is reading this, instead of raising the prices rather reduce the prices to be slightly lower than Econet's that way a lot of people will surely rush to switch to Netone. Or maybe just don't raise the prices and keep them as they are.

Or again instead, reduce the extremely One-Fi Extreme to ZWL5000 that way people would rather add ZWL500 and upgrade from 50GB to 80GB. I mean think about it because Econet is surely playing with the figures here and are basing on the people's feedback.

Data is very essential since a lot of students are about to sit for their examinations Netone could take advantage of that and just for once not raise their data tariffs and make the competition interesting because Econet is on top of the game right now.

Well that's been it stay safe and I'll catch you guys on the next one.