Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

11 months ago



Econet is at it again. Yes, I said it. A few weeks ago Econet announced new data bundle tariffs. And wow it was something unexpected. A lot of people had just begun to use Econet’s Private WIFI Data Bouquets. These are data bundles you can purchase let’s say in bulk to use or to surf the internet be it on WhatsApp, Twitter, Streaming on YouTube, a Zoom meeting video call, or whatever it may be that you wish to use your data for. Well, Econet is not the only one which provides such a fantastic service. Netone also has One-FI Bundles.

So what exactly is the issue here?

Well, when Econet raised their data tariffs a few weeks ago a lot of people were furious complaining of how expensive these were. The Private WIFI Data Bouquets were not so pleasant to purchase. Fast forward a few weeks later Econet has now reviewed their Private WIFI Data Bouquets and seems to have listened to the users, or have they listened for real? I would say no. Absolutely no. There are now 4 options to choose from, starting with a reasonable price of $500-8GB, next up to $800-15GB, $1300-25GB, and lastly the whooping $2000-50GB. I think that’s still too much. You want to know why?

The Why Part

The Private WIFI Data Bouquets are still too expensive. Compared to Netone you can get yourself a good deal and save some money. For instance, Econet’s second option of the Private WIFI Data Bouquets costs $800 for 15GB. The same $800 will get you 25GB at only $650 when using Netone. I mean do you see what I mean, and yes you will get to keep some change as well. It does not end there. Econet on its option number 3 of the Private WIFI Data Bouquets is offering 25GB for $1300. Wow! What a deal. Or is it? Netone is also offering on its One-FI Ultra package 50GB for only $1250 you save $50 now that’s a good deal. You get 25GB more for $1250 at Netone compared to 25GB for $1300 at Econet. Netone also goes further to offer a package of One-FI Extreme which has 80GB for $1500.

But there’s a good side to it, right? I mean is there?

Yes, surprisingly there’s a good side to the new Econet Private WIFI Data Bouquets. Econet has an option for those who wish or want to use data but don’t want to buy a lot of data. Well good because Econet on its Private WIFI Data Bouquets option 1 offers 8GB for $500. Let’s say you just use the internet here and there or in short you’re a lite internet user. The first option might be a good deal for such users. Compared to Netone they don’t have small or perhaps lite data packages like Econet. It would have been a great deal if perhaps Netone would offer 10GB for $200, I don’t know just saying(Tip: Netone if you’re reading this might be the biggest deal of the year you might consider this). Then moving on Econet has yet another option to choose from which I will call the medium user package. It's good. Yes, it is for those people who would rather not switch from one network provider to another. There are loyal Econet users who love Econet’s service and I respect that. So the $800-15GB would be perfect for them it’s cheaper than the 25GB and if you don’t want less data or more data that’s the one for you. I wish it could have been at least priced at $700-15GB. All that being said All the Bouquets and Packages mentioned are valid for one month.

So what's the Conclusion here?

I would say the competition between Econet and Netone is good for the users because they get to choose what’s good for their different budgets. And the two service providers also get to review their packages for the benefit of their customers. Well, that’s been it catch you guys on the next article stay safe. And also read my other article about how exactly do those bundles work and do I need a router since their called WIFI/ONE-FI bundles here