Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

7 months ago


Apple Watch Series 6

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 6 alongside the Apple Watch Series SE. I'm going to talk about Series 6. First thing straight to the unboxing you get the new staff. It's the same packaging but besides the watch itself and the band, it comes with there's the charger missing.

It comes with the cable but no USB wall adapter this time around that's now sold separately and not to go off topic but also look forward not to see the wall adapter when the iPhone 12 comes or whatever the name they decide to give it.

Looking at the watch the only real change you notice is the colors besides that it still looks the same. No new shape the sizes available are still the same. However, you get some new colors now which are blue, gold, graphite, and the product red.

On the inside, the new tech improvements are the new S6-Chip and a couple of new sensors. The chip will let the always-on display crank up to be twice as bright as the series 5 and keep the same battery performance. It feels faster with now the new watchoS7. The animations are now shorter.

The watch now does sleep tracking so I guess if you're into it you have to find a time slot in the morning to charge your watch before you go outside. Still, on charging the series 6 will now charge much faster than the series 5. It will go from zero to one hundred in about an hour of charging.

The new sensors now have a blood oxygen sensor. This will use infrared photography to measure blood color and therefore the percentage of oxygen in your blood. It's not a medical-grade but there to inform you generally where you're at.

And there are also some cool features 5 gigabits WIFI support now on the series 6 and an altimeter which uses biometric air pressure to tell you elevation down to the foot which can be cool for hiking or sky diving.

WatchoS7 keeps adding new face watches slowly which are cool with third-party plugins but not dramatically changing anything. And it comes to change there are new so-lo bands which are very clean and seamless.

Fitting is very important so to get the right one they have a fitting document on their website which you can print out. Then you cut out a loop that you wrap around your wrist to figure out your Apple watch size and then you can order your loop band in that size.

The bands will cost from $50 to $100 and the Apple watch series 6 starts at $399.