Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

5 months ago


Apple shared a new "Everyday Experiments" Shot on iPhone 12 Get creative at home Video

Yesterday Apple shared a new shot on iPhone 12 video which they named "Everyday Experiments" which is there to show off the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 12.

The video shows liquid moving around, water-filled balloons and many other things with a lot of stuff which you can find at home and be creative at home.

The tutorial by Apple teaches it's customers how to use water-balloons and the slo-mo to make slow-motion animations. iPhone 12 showcases camera features that include slo-mo, Dolby Vision HDR recording and then Night Mode Time Lapse, not forgetting the editing video in iMovie.

To take advantage of the iPhone cameras Apple has done several videos of the same sort "Experiments" but this particular one is the first tutorial for people to recreate the effects at home. You can watch the video here