Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

5 months ago


Apple has released macOS Big Sur to the public

Every macOS Catalina user can now upgrade to the macOS Big Sur. Apple has released macOS Big Sur to the public. macOS Big Sur has brought new features such as a brand new redesign, the addition of the Control Center, big Safari and Messages app updates. That's not all there is more too.

There is a redesigned interface, which sees a brand new desktop with an updated translucent menu bar and a floating dock. The icons of apps have adopted the iOS look-alike rounded rectangle design.

There is also, a lighter design for the finder windows with rounded corners. The window chrome is much less intrusive in macOS Big Sur with the sidebars which contain helpful content now extending to the full height of a Finder window.

There are also lots of new Big Sur wallpapers which are new. There are new wallpapers with dark mode, standalone desktop images, new dynamic wallpapers and Dome wallpapers not to mention the other new wallpapers.

The ability to watch 4K videos on YouTube in Safari macOS Big Sur is huge. Safari users for a long time have been stuck with 1080p as the maximum resolution for YouTube videos which made a lot of the Safari users to use Google Chrome.

That is now a thing of the past, with macOS Big Sur Safari users can now watch videos up to 8K. 1440p, 4K, 5K and even supports HDR video content which is cool.

There are also new features which come with macOS Big Sur which include the following

*Notification Center
*Control Center