Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

about 2 months ago


Apple has launched 'Apple for Kids' Support Portal for Parents and Guardians

Today Apple added a new "Apple for Kids" portal to its support website, which offers parents and guardians a one-stop hub for getting their children set up on Apple's devices, platforms, managing their usage and services.

At the top includes quick links for managing your family group and resolving common issues which may include what to do if your child forgot their passcode, or if by accident they bought something from Apple's stores or services.

Going down the page, there is a set-up sub-section, which points adults in the right direction if they want to set up Family Sharing or get a child set up on an iPad,iPhone, iPod touch or Mac. There are also details about how to set up an Apple Watch for a family member who does not have their own iPhone using Family Setup.

Adults can learn "Ask to Buy" down the page, this enabled kids can get permission from the "family organizer" before making a purchase. Links there are explaining how to locate missing devices and also, how to send Apple Cash to your children so that they can use Apple Pay.

Ways to prevent kids from making in-app purchases, use parental controls on a child's device, and Screen Time are on the last sub-section.

Source: Apple Support