Munyaradzi Nigel Muchenje

7 months ago


Apple Announces special Apple Event to Held on October 13, 2020

Apple has announced a "Hi, Speed" special event to be held on October 13, 2020. The event will be a digital-only event straight from the Apple Park. You can watch it on

This event is highly likely to be where we will see the iPhone 12 unveiling. So let's talk about "Hi Speed". I think that means the new iPhone 12 will come with 5G for the first time ever. And another "Hi Speed" must be the A14 chip.

And still, on the speed aspect guess what? Yes, a high refresh rate. I think the new iPhone particularly the highest end one will have a 120Hz display screen.

That would be so cool. Considering other flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 120Hz display. Also, be sure to hear them say that it's a revolutionary 120Hz display.

Another clue is those 4 golden rings that must be definitely a quad-camera setup at the back. So expect the new iPhone to have 4 cameras at the back instead of 3 like that on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Still on the 4 big circles that might be 4 iPhones expected to be announced. Apple really gives out clues so expect 4 Apple iPhones to be announced. I'm guessing the order will be iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Plus or Max.

Besides that, the circle with the Apple logo must be a clue of the launch of the Apple airtags. So we will wait and see on the 13th of October. That's been it catch you guys on the next article and stay safe.