NetOne To The Rescue

NetOne launched the Scholar data bundles. The bundles will have 3 options, namely Regular, Heavy, and Extreme. The Scholar Data bundles will be priced like this, $150.00 for 9GB, $200.00 for 13GB, and $250.00 for 20GB.

Comparing with Econet

Well I will be straight forward on this one, Econet has 2 options of the Scholar Bundles.
NetOne on the other hand has 3 options hence it gives more choices compared to Econet.

Econet has an option for providing 10GB
For $200.00 NetOne offers 13GB. That is a good deal there.

How can a student get the Scholar Bundle Access?

As far as I know the bundles are there to make sure students can access their E-Learning Portals and get to catch up on their studies. On some University Portals when a student logs in a phone number is requested so that you will be credited the bundles whereby the University will pay. In some cases I have seen WhatsApp groups whereby teachers and students get bundles and pay the above prices and are grouped in batches of 50 people and are credited the data bundles.

For How Long Will The Bundles Be Available?

NetOne’s E-Learning bundles will be available as part of their offerings until December 2020.

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